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Here you find my bigger games that are already finished or in development.

If you are lucky, I have a prototype to play the games in development. Otherwise you have to wait or follow me on Twitter if you want to stay up to date.

Rotate Game

Android, WebGL and Windows

Improve your spatial abilities with this fun little rotation game.

Challenge yourself with 120 levels or in endless mode.



WebGL and Windows (soon on Android and iOS)

Flappy Bird meets Portal.

Challenge your skills with this high speed high score game.

(In Development. Prototype available.)

Called Pixi

WebGL and Windows

An old computer sits dusty and neglected in an attic.

Who did it belong to? What was its story? 

Find it out soon!

(In Development)


My name is Sebastian and I'm from Austria.

I love playing video games since I was a child and I think now is the time to contribute with my own video games.


I started game development in 2017 but really started making games in late 2018. I have made some small games so far, mostly for game jams which give you a specific theme and restricted time. So please don't expect too much gameplay out of these games. You could interpret these games as some sort of prototype. 😁


Most of the time I develop games alone but lately I started to work together and I was able to get into contact with some awesome people. This helps me focusing on the part I love, game design and programming. Please checkout the Credits if you are interested who contributed to my game.

I'm open to get in contact with other game developers. So if you are interested, just send me a message via Twitter or Email.


Other Projects

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