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A Webbing Journey


Fire Totem Games

Planned release date



Singleplayer, Local Multiplayer


PC, Mac, Linux

Nintendo Switch



(new demo in the making)

Pitch Deck

Being updated right now


EUR 15€


Imagine combining Webbed + Untitled Goose Game + Octodad!


What is the result?

A Webbing Journey, a physics-based sandbox game in which you play as a cute little spider living in a house rent-free.

You explore the various rooms in the house, swing around with your silk, build gigantic webs, and use them to interact with all the objects inside the house.

Your goal? Give back to the owners and help them with their daily chores, like cleaning the dishes, vacuuming the floor, cooking meals, and much much more.

But keep in mind that doing such chores as a spider might leave the room more chaotic than it was before.

  • Spider-like climbing

  • Dynamic web building and web-swinging

  • Physics-based activities with lots of interactions

  • Local Multiplayer with up to 4 players

  • Lots of chaos and creativity


A Webbing Journey - Trailer



Fire Totem Games

Crafting Adventures from Passion

Founded in 2017 as a humble solo endeavor, Fire Totem Games has since transformed into a robust collective of four passionate developers and friends. Based in the picturesque heart of Austria, our journey together truly ignited in early 2020.

Our adventure began in the realm of game jams and small-scale projects. Here, we honed our craft, gathered invaluable skills, and nurtured the confidence to venture forth into the world of commercial game development.

While we currently juggle part-time commitments, our eyes are firmly set on a future where game development becomes our main pursuit. This transition is not merely about economics; it's a commitment to enhancing our creations. With more time and resources, we aim to bestow our games with the dedication and quality they truly deserve.

Follow along on our quest, where games are not just our craft but also our heartfelt passion.



Winner of the SUBOTRON Live Pitch 2021 Link

Game Access

Finalist for Best Game at the Game Access Conference 2024

Game Access

Finalist for Best Gameplay at the Game Access Conference 2024

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