Game Jam Games

Games done within 48 hours to 1 week.

Twin Stick Blower

Winter Game Jam Klagenfurt 2019

Use two leaf blowers to move and clean your area and compete with your friends.


POLLIWOG Klagenfurt Game Jam 2019

Hybrid chess-like board game with a twist.

Superhero Academy

Community Game Jam 2019

Finish your superhero training and fight against the fleet of alien space ships.

Ship Defense

Kenney Jam 2019

Tower defense game with a twist.

One Shot Gladiator

GMTK Game Jam 2019

Fight against waves of enemies but use your weapons wisely, because you only have one shot.

Please Make It Stop

Summer Slow Jams July 2019

Can you make it through the vast "variety" of levels?

Available for Android!

Maintenance Chaos

ShenaniJam 2019

Keep Santa's toy factory running and save Christmas.

Lone Survivor

Blackthornprod GAME JAM #2

Take revenge on the aliens who killed all your friends and family.

Village of Sacrifice

Ludum Dare 43

Keep your village running and your god happy. With sacrifices. Human sacrifices.


Remade Game Jam Games

Remake Versions of my Game Jam Games

Village of Sacrifice

Ludum Dare 43 (Remake)

Available for Android!


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