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Ship Defense - Kenney Jam 2019 - Dev Log Day 1

Updated: Apr 30, 2020

This is my first ever devlog. No idea what I should write here to be honest, but let's give it a try.

So, the game jam started at 17:00 Austrian time (5PM for those who doesn't use the 24h system). My team for this jam consists of two people, me and Brian who will do the music. This time no art designer needed because Kenney is providing the best assets.

The jam started with both of us solo brainstorming using google, the genre mixer from LD41 (I think) and going through the assets to see what we could mix up. After an hour we had a call and discussed our ideas where we both liked my idea with combining tower defense with pirate ships the most. I haven't played much tower defense games, but I can't remember seeing one where the towers are moving (=pirate ships) which maybe gives the genre an interesting touch.

We both didn't know if this game will be fun to play and challenging, but we gave it a go.

So, as always I set up my project in Bitbucket because nobody wants to get to a point where the game is broken and your time is wasted. Then I jumped into the game engine I'm most familiar, Unity and pushed my initial commit. After that I created the Trello board, because organization is alwasys good, especially if you have a tight time schedule, which is definitely the case here.

The first thing that had to be done was setting up the game scene. I have never really worked in 3D on a project before, so it took some time to allign all the items and camera to fit nicely. Then I imported the pirate assets pack and started with the movement of the ships.

Trying to figure out how to rotate the ships on my own did not go well.

Luckily for us, Kenney allowed the use of the DOTween asset from the Unity Asset Store, which solved the problem immediately. I love this asset so much, here is the link if you want to give it a go (

Ok, ship movement done which can be easily tweaked by changing the waypoints. Totally scaleable with as many waypoints I want :D

Next, enemies. Luckily enough, I could just reuse the movement script from the ships and distiguish between looping moves and linear moves (endpoint). Adding an enemy spawner and we got the following.

Now comes the fun part. Cannons. I throw away the small cannons from the pirate ships and mounted some heavy artillery on the ships :D May look a little weird but it also looks fun.

Only having one type of "tower" is not fun, so the next step was adding some more. Now it gets really crazy with the size of the weapons.

Because 4 weapons are not enough, I added 3 more. I additionally added 2 additional types of enemey:

  • high speed with low health

  • low speed with high health

And I gave them some graphics.

Then I also rearranged the button layout and added an indication which ship is currently selected. Adding a health bar to the player and the money system for buying and selling weapons and we have the following.

After that I wanted to go to bed, but I decided to spend some more time on finding a suitable font (Kenney bold) and add some sound effects. Could not find many fitting sound effects in the assets, so we have to make them our own or get them from the internet ;)

So, and that's it. The progress of our game on day 1 after working almost 12h (4:30 AM). I told myself to take this jam a little easier then the last one, but I just can't go easy on it.

All in or nothing.


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